A Practical Guide to the
Planning, Printing, and Promotion
of Your Children’s Book



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Word Level Resources

Rhyming Graphs

Here is a page from my rhyming graphs (for Land of I AM)

Click on image above to see a larger version.
The yellow columns represent the stresses (or rhythm) in my rhymes.

Click here for a blank copy of the Rhyming Graph
The page size is 14" x 8.5"

My Initial Layout Samples

Click on image to enlarge.


The final layout initial spreads from Toby

Click on image to enlarge.

The Copyright Page 

Here is the copyright page from Land of AND.
Click on the image for a larger version.

Independent Book Publishers Association Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book

The Memoir Midwife - Stacy Dymalski

I highly recommend this book to help you with
the specifics of publishing. 
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And if you need help with writing your story, visit Stacy's site:


Traditional Printers

Signature Book Printing
A US based printer, my favorite.

A good option if you need to print in China
due to costs.

Business Cards

My business card - front and back.



My bookmark for Land of OR - front and back.


The poster for Land of AND - 11" x 17'

Event Supplies

My tent for events. I have banners, tables, book stands, posters, table cloths, chairs, maps, a cooler, tape, and loads of other items that help keep it all together while at these events.

Land of... Children's Books: Fun Stuff

Visit my books' site for loads of fun things: coloring sheets, travel guides, and so much more.