Your Book, Your Profits, Our Name

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Make your book a reality and bring it to market with Surrogate Press Publishing Services.
We publish your book, you own the rights and receive all the profits.

One-time charge of $650* (Summer Special, normally $750), plus layout and design (click here for detailed information).
Services include (all under the imprint of Surrogate Press):

  • ISBN number registration.
  • Library of Congress registration.
  • Copyright filing on behalf of the author. The author retains ownership of the copyright and all other book-related licensing.
  • Coordination of proofing / printing and eBook creation.
  • Barcode for the printed book.
  • Createspace and Kindle account set up and upload of finished products for sale on Amazon for paperback books.
  • Distribution with IngramSpark for paperback books. (A small payment processing fee applies.)
  • Print-ready files if working with a traditional printer.
  • A listing as part of the Surrogate Press catalog and author page on our website.
  • An introductory press release and sales sheet to promote your book.
  • Guide for “What’s Next” to promote and sell your book.
  • * Additional fees may apply for unapproved/unsolicited clients to ensure manuscript quality.
    (For more information on our Pre-Publishing requirements - the additional fees - please click here.)

What you get:

  • You hold all the rights to your book and related materials.
  • You keep ALL the money from the sales of your book.
  • You become a published author with a book that you can promote and sell.

Additional Publishing Items:

  • Publishing services are only offered to Faceted Press Layout & Design clients.
  • Surrogate Press will be the sole publisher of your book in name only, thus allowing you to retain all royalties and income generated by sales of your book.
  • Author agrees to be responsible for all liabilities (including, but not limited to legal, financial, and intellectual property) related to any third party disputes over the legal ownership of any and all rights to the book after it has been published by Surrogate Press.
  • Author assumes sole responsibility for decisions and actions related to the promotion, distribution, and the marketing of the book.
  • The Author will be solely responsible for all costs incurred in the publication of the book, including, but not limited to, those related to printing, marketing, sales, and distribution.
  • The Author will be responsible for all taxes and business expenses related to the sale of the Book.
  • The author will be solely responsible for the cost, receipt, storage and distribution of the book.


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